A Proposed Model for Improving Government Institutional Performance by Following Generational Accounting

DOI: 10.46988/IJIHRM.03.01.2022.002


  • Dr. Hesham Zakaria Mohamed Assistant Professor at the Canadian International Higher Institute, October (CIC)


The research dealt with a presentation of the deficiencies witnessed by government accounting with regard to assessing the financial and non-financial
performance of government units, which in light of the variables, factors and developments witnessed in the business environment has become
inappropriate to deal with them, although the most important of which was the impact of the developments of the Corona pandemic, specifically in
service institutions And educational), which necessitated taking into account the adoption of the concept of institutional performance in government
units, depending on the addition of generational accounting components within the scientific and practical framework of government accounting.
The aim of the research is to Clarification on the deficiencies contained in government accounting and how to work to address them and limit their
impact on government institutional performance as one of the requirements for digital transformation of government services, as well as work to achieve
the link between accounting and non-accounting information over more than one period, whether past, current or Future (expected) by using the
fundamentals and capabilities of generational accounting.

The research found the deficiency of governmental accounting in its traditional form due to the fact that it did not take into account the achievement of
integration with other accounting branches that have the ability to overcome the limits of their application, which in turn is reflected in the evaluation
of governmental institutional performance and overcoming the lack of forecasting of that accounting and non-accounting information by relying on
Generational accounting.

The research recommends the need to develop government accounting and work to transform it towards digital dealing in all aspects with the sharing
of accounting and non-accounting information to the public as an indicator to measure the degree of public awareness of what it achieves in improving
government institutional performance, specifically with regard to educational and health service institutions.




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