Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Commitment - Application of the Goleman’s Model of Emotional Intelligence

DOI: 10.46988/IJIHRM.04.01.2023.001


  • Dr. Alamzeb Aamir Department of Management Sciences, FATA University, TSD Darra, NMD Kohat, Pakistan


Emotional intelligence, Organizational commitment, Self-awareness, Relationship management


This study aims to examine the role of emotional intelligence (EI) in explaining the organizational commitment by applying the Goleman’s model (1998) of emotional intelligence. Though, EI is a relatively recent phenomenon, yet it has a significant role in contemporary organizations, particularly in employees’ commitment towards their organization. Very little work has been evident so far by taking the Goleman’s model to explain the role of EI in employees’ commitment towards organizations. Hence, this study explores this relationship by considering the competencies explained in Goleman’s model. For this purpose, the current study has taken the NGO sector operating in Saudi Arabia. A sample size of 100 was selected; however, only seventy responses for the questionnaires were received back on which the analysis was done. The results compiled from the multiple regression model, indicated a weak but direct relationship between the tenets of emotional intelligence and organizational commitment. Nonetheless, here, the significant aspect is that not all components of Goleman’s model were related to organizational commitment. Rather only self-management and relationship management were found to be significant predictors of organizational commitment. On the other hand, self-awareness and social awareness had no role to play in organizational commitment. Hence, this might be concluded that the NGOs should focus on these components of emotional intelligence to foster organizational commitment in their employees.




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