Digital Technologies and their impacts on communication workflow in Sudanese information firms – Analytical descriptive study applied on Suna (Sudanese news agency) from 2020-2021

DOI: 10.46988/IJMMC.04.02.2022.005


  • Dr. Mohammed Alawad Mohammed Ribat National University
  • Dr. Haitham Abdulrahim Osman Ribat National University


The digital technologies participated in activating the information operation in the institutional information diversity of communication content and multiplicity of its technologies supported by the computer potentials and its programs. As a result, the technologies have opportunities to achieve high quality, accuracy, and speed.

The presence of legal threats and infra structure request to keep up with the continuous technology challenges and their impact on the management processes, in addition to the appearance of new types of communication consistent with the application of the latest technologies used in different fields mentioned previously.

The study discussed the effect of variables on institutional communication and issues content and whether they are compatible digitally with a different generation. These generations moved from traditional systems to modern global ones and inevitable convoying.

The study is divided into three chapters; the first is titled methodical introduction, the second is titled digital technologies and communication content, and the last chapter discusses the effect of technological communication systems.

The study has various recommendations and results.