Problems of media supporting the democratic transition in Sudan The period after April 2019

DOI: 10.46988/IJMMC.04.02.2022.003


  • Dr. Yasir Mahgoub Elhussein Researcher and Journalist


The study aims to identify the problems that prevent the Sudanese media from supporting the cause of democratic transition after the political change which occurred in April 2019. This change was accompanied by a political crisis gripping the country. As is well known, the media play an important and conclusive role in the success of political and economic projects. This role, along with the military power, provides a source of strength for any success. For data collection, a questionnaire was directed to participants from the media and the political and academic areas who responded through the Internet. In addition, the interviews were conducted with leaders from the media and political domains.

Analysis of the collected data reveals that the Sudanese media could not provide the necessary support for the democratic change. The result of the study showed that political issue is at the forefront of media attention. The study also identified four challenges hindering the media from playing its role; The responsibility behind these challenges is shared by the political authorities and the elites, on one part, and the media itself, the political authorities, bears the more significant share. Furthermore, the study detected a negative mutual relation and lack of trust between these two parties, hindering their cooperation.