Emirati Youth's Attitudes Towards Citizenship Values (Applied Study on A Sample of Students of The Emirates College of Technology and Al Ain University of Science and Technology) April 2020

DOI: 10.46988/IJMMC.03.01.2021.07


  • Dr. Taher Awad Basha Assistant Professor Emirates College of Technology, UAE


This research aims to identify the attitudes of Emirati youth towards citizenship and their level of awareness of it and to determine the extent of their commitment to those values ​​by Identifying their contribution to promoting the values ​​of citizenship and strengthening the values ​​of belonging, loyalty, and positive participation What is the relationship between young people's awareness of the concept of citizenship and translating this reality into practical images. Then stand on the level of commitment to the values ​​of citizenship among Emirati youth and how they can contribute to strengthening the values ​​of rights, duties, and social responsibility. The study also aimed to identify the threats to the values ​​of citizenship from the point of view of young people in light of the increasing media openness, socially, culturally, security, and economically. It emerged through the results that the vast majority of respondents are fully aware of the concept of citizenship and feel proud that they are citizens of the United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, it was found through the results of the study that there are no negative effects of the presence of expatriate workers and the multiplicity of nationalities within the country working to weaken the concept of citizenship among the sample members.

The recommendations of the study included the following:

1 / The need to give the concept of citizenship the utmost importance in the media and educational curricula.

2 / The need to support and strengthen the concept of citizenship among young people by launching community initiatives led by young people themselves.

 3 / Immunizing youth against the negative effects of media openness and new media by focusing on developing citizenship values.

4 / Paying attention to historical, religious, and cultural symbols and promoting them through the means of tourism to enhance the concept of citizenship for the people of the same country with the importance of motivating young people to loyalty to the homeland, pride in its heritage and adhere to its customs.