Electronic public relations campaigns in Jordanian hospitals and their role in raising awareness of the dangers of influenza (H1N1) and coronavirus (COVID-19)

DOI: 10.46988/IJMMC.03.01.2021.06


  • Dr. Nawzat Saleh Abu Al-Asal Assistant Professor in Public Relations Department, Yarmouk University, Jordan
  • Dr. Mikhled Khalaf AlNawafeh Assistant Professor at Khwarizmi University Technical College, Jordan


The problem of the study focused on recognizing the nature of communication activities provided through electronic public relations campaigns in Jordanian hospitals to raise awareness of the dangers of influenza (H1N1) and Coronavirus (COVID-19) and identifying the type of electronic campaigns directed by public relations agencies in Jordanian hospitals to raise awareness of patients, and to determine the nature of the electronic communication activities that were produced, and to identify the most prominent electronic tools that were employed in the campaigns, the type of activities and the nature of their contents. The study was conducted according to the available sample of Jordanian hospitals: government, university, military, and private. The results showed that public relations in Jordanian hospitals (the study sample) had implemented a number of electronic public relations campaigns for their audiences to raise awareness of the risks of both diseases, and the degree of implementation was high with a percentage of (94.6%). The most frequent type of campaign was the (educational and educational) campaign with a percentage of (38.4%).

While the contents of the campaigns focused on raising awareness of the dangers of the two diseases, their causes, and means of prevention and treatment, this was followed by an understanding of the nature of precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the two diseases in the community. The most prominent forms of communication were “seminars, lectures, and awareness-raising seminars”, and the activities of “publishing media materials on the hospital’s website in the form of news, data, investigations, and photos, to raise awareness of patients: causes, methods of prevention and treatment” achieved the highest arithmetic average among all activities with a high degree.