Levels of the negative impact of social media on youth attitudes towards societal issues A study in measuring the severity of the attitude of a sample of social media users

DOI: 10.46988/IJMMC.03.01.2021.05


  • Dr. Alaa Hussein Alnidawi Professor of Mass Communication, Baghdad University, Iraq


This study examines the negative effects of the heavy use of social networking sites on young people's attitudes towards societal issues. A deliberate sample of 225 respondents was selected from the users of these websites distributed over three countries: Iraq, Qatar, and Algeria, at a rate of 75 respondents for each country. The study used a scale with dimensions Triple to measure the severity of their attitudes towards these issues, as the scale was built according to the Likert formula. The study reached a number of results and conclusions, most notably the existence of a positive and significant relationship between the level of the research subjects' uses of social networking sites and the negative effects on their attitudes towards societal issues.