The credibility of the news content on social media for Algerian journalists: a study within the framework of the structural model of credibility

DOI: 10.46988/IJMMC.03.01.2021.04


  • Dr. Saidani Salami Associate professor of Strategic Communication- Mohamed Boudiaf Messila University-Algeria
  • Dr. Abdulla Ali Al Marai Alaseri Assistant professor of Radio and Television– King Khalid University - Saudi Arabia


The reliability of social networks has sparked wide debate and debate among academics and professional specialists and at the level of the mass community, on the scale of different Arab societies, especially with the increasing public dependence on these networks to provide them with news media about the various facts, which are sometimes inaccurate, hence the importance of addressing Factors affecting the credibility of traditional media, including paper and audio-visual ones, especially in light of the intense competition between traditional media and new media in the extent of the credibility of their news content.

Therefore, this study comes in order to know the reliability of news through social networks and how this affects the freedom of expression of a sample of media professionals within the framework of a field study.