The privacy of imagined groups and their impact on the technology of creating and managing digital content in public

DOI: 10.46988/IJMMC.03.01.2021.02


  • Bekkar Amina Prof. Department of Media and Communication, Setif University, Algeria
  • Benkhelifa Nawfel PhD researcher in Media and Communication at the University of Jazeera University, Sudan


This study starts at the intellectual level of the importance of knowing the specificity of the imagined groups represented by different audiences of the institution, whether current or prospective, as well as the function of digital public relations in the knowledge and analysis of this privacy to manage relations with the target audiences on the one hand, and with public opinion on the other hand.

The importance of this role is linked to the Internet environment, the ability of digital public relations to break down geographical barriers, the use of the Internet as a rich medium that provides opportunities for information and persuasion, the provision of richer information, consensus building with various stakeholders, and interactive dialogues with diverse and wide audiences. At the methodological level, we have conducted an analytical study of a set of foreign and Arab studies related to digital-electronic public relations in the Internet environment in general and social networking sites.                          

In this context, PR is supposed to use the Internet to manage and create content through various applications and electronic technologies and to follow user comments continuously and tweets related to the organization's work to improve its communicative performance, allow customers to understand the organization, respond to them and answer their questions, Research, and digital surveys to respond to the needs of the public, thus influencing the public's perception of them and therefore the reputation and confidence of the organization. On this basis, we will explore public relations of any technical definition of the latest electronic applications and programs that help public relations man digital content public the administration of relations and industry in the digital environment under the terms of privacy.