Economic Press Coverage in the UAE. Study of Content Analysis of Daily Economic Supplement Al-Etihad Newspaper 2018

DOI: 10.46988/IJMMC.02.02.2020.05


  • Dr. Ryadh Ben Amor Assistant Professor, Emirates College of Technology - Abu Dhabi
  • Dr. Mohammed Fathi Ramadan Assistant Professor, Emirates College of Technology - Abu Dhabi


The study tackled economic news coverage in its different forms (news, reports, press interviews, articles) of the economic supplement of the UAE daily newspaper Al-Etihad. Research has been conducted by studying a random sample of the daily economic supplement in November 2018. The study focused on several types of the journalistic forms published by the mentioned annex, besides the extent of economic and developmental coverage of this supplement to other forms such as the publication of studies or economic analysis or even the use of the investigative press with all its outputs to serve this coverage satisfy the growing needs of readers. The latter are interested in economic issues that are of much interest to large numbers of readers nowadays.

The study also examined the economic news forms on which the editorial policy focuses on the appendix and the different sources from which the issuers of the appendix draw this information and organize these sources according to specific criteria such as relevance, credibility, and credibility inclusiveness, and others. This procedure is to know the percentage of ready-made news (negative) in addition to news produced by the newspaper staff (positive) as well as news from public institutions that the newspaper works to support and reformulate (positive/negative). The researcher relied on the methodology of the media survey and the content analysis tool for seven economic supplements for the newspaper mentioned (days 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, and 26/11/2018). The study included three axes, one devoted to the theoretical framework and the second to the methodological framework. Whereas the third axis was devoted to the analytical study.