Struggle between Authority and media in the Arab world and methods of control them

DOI: 10.46988/IJMMC.02.02.2020.01


  • Dr. Ikoufane Chafik Lecturer at Mouloud Mammeri University- Algeria


Authority and Media always been conflictual due to the practice of what is doomed to be legitimate: Authority wants to manage and control the society and prevent any transgression as it is responsible for the community stability. Media, in its turn, seeks to reveal facts, inform the public about them, and even hold those responsible accountable. On this basis, the relationship between Media and Authority remains turbulent, although it often finds points involved.

If the Authority is based on the force of law and influence, the media also takes the support of the public as a basis. This could change the balance of power between the two parties.

From this standpoint, this study comes to investigate how Media controls Authority, and vice-versa.