The Attitudes of Some Media Instructors Towards Electronic Publishing Platforms During (December 2021 – 2022)

DOI: 10.46988/IJMMC.06.02.2024.06


  • Dr. Jehan Awad Elias Open University of Sudan, College of Mass Communication, Radio and Television Department


E_ publishing is considered one of the essential results of information technology because it helps improve scientific research.  That is what makes me study electronic publishing, according to university teachers, especially those in the media field, because they are still on their way to learning. At the same time, they also need more knowledge as this field demands.  That can be achieved by sharing knowledge and experience with other teachers and people from different cultures, countries, and experiences. 

Nowadays, all university teachers publish their scientific studies in e-magazines, which is an advantage of knowledge.  Through the analysis, we will learn more about electronic publishing according to some specialists in communication sciences because many universities have begun to use electronic libraries. 

The study focuses on the importance of using the Internet in keeping scientific research, the significant role of electronic publishing in improving, to what extent learners and teachers can depend on electronic resources, and how to make it a helpful source of learning. 

It is a descriptive study. The author uses survey methods through university teachers.  The study finds that 78% of researchers have their studies published online. 66% agree that e-publishing doesn’t affect the publishers.  The study advises asking all university teachers to do their work and studies in electronic copies. This makes teachers more active and enables them to enlarge their knowledge about technological development in learning fields and create training courses and sessions to improve this. And keep those electronic lectures for use when needed.