Recent Trends in the Effects of Traditional and New Media Researches on the Social and Political Values among Youth

DOI: 10.46988/IJMMC.02.02.2020.002


  • Dr. Naglaa Abdel Hamid Fahmy Elgammal Associate Professor at Department of Media and Public Relations, Gulf University, Bahrain


This study aims at analyzing the studies which tried to identify the recent trends in the research filed that aims to identify the effects of traditional and new media on the social and political values ​​of the youth, to discover the issues that were treated by these studies, the methodologies, the theoretical frameworks, and the most important results of them, in an attempt to reach a research vision to develop the researches in the field of the effects of the exposure to both the traditional and new media on the social ​​and political values of the Youth. This study belongs to the descriptive studies and depends on the secondary analysis method. Many studies in both English and Arabic have been analyzed either through traditional libraries or electronic databases during the time period extended from 2015 to 2019. The study reached a proposed research agenda in the field of the effects of the media on the youth's values, some of them are related to proposed research issues and research methodology, in addition to suggesting numbers of theories and approaches that are appropriate to this research field.